Ni Reed Beds

Reed Bed Sewage System & Wastewater Treatments

NI Reed Beds Ireland are specialists in reed bed wastewater treatments constructed using wetlands and sustainable drainage systems. Based in County Antrim we offer design, installation and maintenance services for all types of reed bed filtration & sewage systems in UK and Ireland.

Are you:

  • specifying plans for a commercial/industrial build and are currently deciding which wastewater treatment to use?
  • having difficulties complying with Consent to Discharge Standards?
  • a home owner seeking an ecological alternative to package treatment sewage systems?
  • polluting nearby water-ways with dirty rainfall runoff from your industrial yard?

Have you considered reed bed filtration systems?

Reed beds are an efficient, sustainable drainage system and environmentally friendly method of treating wastewater. We can develop and tailor systems to meet your specific brief. From full industrial effluent treatment works, agricultural wastewater systems to a more 'green' reed bed sewage management option for homeowners; we can implement a scheme that works for you.